Your guide to keeping upbeat during the tiring festive season

It’s that time of the year again. The festive period has arrived and feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get to everything that needs to be done. Plus, with winter’s darkness and cold, many of us might be feeling tired and sluggish, counting down the days until the holiday season is over and trying to think of a quick fix for our energy levels so that we can get all of our shopping and planning done in time.

So, what can we do to make sure we’re staying energised and healthy, without resorting to the quick fixes that often leave us feeling worse in the long run? It’s time to start looking at our energy levels as a long-term project, rather than seeking short-term boosts. Spatone® has pulled together some easily achievable tips to help release your natural energy and stay motivated throughout the festive period.

Eating better tops many New Year lists for a good reason and if you’re feeling tired, it’s worth reviewing your current lifestyle. The key to a balanced diet is choosing whole, nutrient-dense, healthy foods that give your body what it needs to function at its best. Eating processed foods that are high in fat and sugar, including energy drinks, can have a profound effect on your energy levels. Make sure you fuel your body with a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner containing the right vitamins and minerals, including iron which plays a key role in supporting a healthy immune system and contributing to a reduction in tiredness & fatigue. Staying hydrated is also essential to help maintain energy – carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go, whether you’re working or gift shopping, so that you can easily sip on it all day.

Make a point to head outside and get some fresh air, even if only for a few minutes a day. Sitting inside with artificial lighting is bad for energy levels and even a little bit of sun will help. It’s all too easy to submit to the festive fatigue by hibernating but getting some fresh air can help release your natural energy.

Re-energise your mind and body by making exercise an automatic part of your daily routine so it doesn’t take a massive effort to finish your weekly to-do list and activity goals. If you’re not a fan of the gym, don’t worry. Training doesn’t have to be intensive to make a difference and regular exercise is much easier if you enjoy it. If you dread the thought of diving into a freezing cold swimming pool at 6am on a Saturday, you’re not going to stick to it. Find ways to make it fun, sociable, or a way to learn something new, such as dancing with friends or practising martial arts. If you don’t have time for a workout every day, make sure you take a walk, even a quick 10 minute one, to get that blood and energy flowing.

A lack of sleep can make you tired and impact how energetic you feel throughout the day. Try to aim for around 8 hours of sleep a night. Our top tips include winding down from your day with quiet time by taking a long bath or reading a book, avoiding phone and other screens, performing some gentle stretching exercises and trying meditation to calm your mind before bedtime.

Fill your playlist with songs that get your feet tapping and make you smile. Research shows that upbeat music can have a positive effect on our wellbeing, so pop your headphones on during your commute or lunchbreak.

Have you ever noticed that active people also tend to have a ‘glass half full’ view of life? If you focus on what’s not going well, you’ll feel sluggish and less likely to want to move. By contrast, practising mindfulness and developing an optimistic outlook can help you manage feelings of stress, and help you reconnect to your priorities and ambitions. Even ten minutes a day can improve your ability to stay present so you can follow through with your goals and take care of yourself during this period.